It is an accepted fact now that humankind has imparted a great amount of damage to our environment, this was significantly increased post the first industrial revolution and has exponentially exploded after globalization. The carbon emissions can change the earth’s environment significantly which may lead to many existing populated cities and towns to become unlivable.

Sustainable garments is a focused effort to reduce or minimize the impact of the garment manufacturing and sale (Whole demand to deliver cycle) on the environmental. This has become a business imperative for the organizations as there is an increased awareness about this impact leading to customer’s pressure as well as branding requirements. In FabeXpress, we have realized this very early and our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025. We are also collaborating with local agricultural universities and institute to develop alternate fabrics to aid this. Combining this with our green supply chain initiatives put us in unique position to achieve the carbon neutral goals by 2025. We are not there yet but we will.

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